Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends and Colleagues

David Bradford and Carole Robin, Penguin Life, 2021

It’s amazing how often the trail of what is good and lasting in social psychology leads back to the great Kurt Lewin ( If you want proof of why leadership style influences performance, look to his classic action research with boys’ groups in the 1940s, … Read the rest >>

More honesty about coaching, please!

When the first lockdown was really biting in 2020, I was part of a coaches’ Zoom get-together. The overarching question was how the pandemic was affecting our income. Some coaches spoke despairingly about the way their training and facilitation work had vanished overnight. Many described the disappearance of most of their clients. Yet there were … Read the rest >>

Six ways a ‘chemistry’ coaching conversation can go wrong

In a world where the supply of coaches exceeds the demand, the so-called ‘chemistry’ conversation is ever more important. Some organizations may even insist that their potential coachees meet or interview at least two coaches. But it’s so easy for this conversation to take a wrong turn. In my work as a supervisor I hear … Read the rest >>

That tricky question of ‘polish’ in career coaching

The BBC programme How to break into the elite asks good questions about why it is that so many of the most senior jobs still go to people from fee-paying schools. In one of the most telling interviews, Dr Louise Ashley, an expert in how social exclusion happens, explains that many employers prefer candidates … Read the rest >>

Being merciful about Boris

So, it’s Boris as Prime Minister.

This is despite sustained campaigns of vilification by so many people, including the Guardian, which ran piece after piece about his alleged sins and Channel 4 which did a whole programme on the same themes. I cannot remember any other prime ministerial candidate who has been subjected to this … Read the rest >>

Following the coaching rule book: yes or no?

My heart sinks.

Some providers of coaching qualifications are getting snippy about the rules. Now, for your recorded coach-client conversation to get accredited, you have to ask particular questions in a particular way, regardless, it seems of whether this is what the client needs.

I imagine the scene:

The coach is nervous. She is recording … Read the rest >>