Colour and style

People’s impressions of you are formed within the first few seconds of meeting. How healthy do you look? Do you seem contemporary? Do you look smart? Does your appearance reflect the kind of job you aspire to? Do you seem like an individual with the right kind of distinctive style?

The answers to these questions have nothing whatsoever to do with ‘fashion’. You will have an image whether you are aware of it or not. The only issue is whether the image is one that enhances your personality and gets you what you want in life, or whether it confuses people and gets in the way. There is most definitely no one-style-fits-all solution – each client gets a highly individualised treatment.

Clients tend to increase their chances of getting promotion through understanding more about how to dress for their strongest points and minimise the weaker ones.

If you look dishevelled, people might think the same is true of your work style. If you look old fashioned, it might be assumed that your thinking is also out of date. When you wear a cheap suit it might convey that you lack good taste and discrimination. If you are dressing to disappear then a potential boss might wonder if you’re the right person to represent the company in public. Unfair? Certainly, but we humans do make snap judgements on flimsy evidence, sometimes because there is no time to make a more considered one.

Typically a colour and style session will take two to three hours.