Coaching with Personality Type: What Works


The coaching market is thriving but many coaches need help on how to develop and grow their businesses as being a good coach is never enough and now there is a lot of competition out there. What do you need to do to make sure that your business is the one that stands out?

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This book is for any coach using or interested in using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® or any of the rival Jungian personality types questionnaires. There is an awful lot of poor-quality interpretation out there and in some ways these instruments have been the victims of their own success. It would be common for clients to say that they vaguely remember taking a questionnaire but it is clear from their responses that this had minimal impact on them: a wasted opportunity for increasing their self-awareness and learning how to work with others. Some coaches have done the training but have lost confidence in their ability to use it fluently. Reading this book will increase your confidence and will give you dozens of reliable hints and tips about how to use it successfully to enhance your coaching.

The book tackles common misperceptions about Jungian personality questionnaires and also offers

  • Advice on where they fit into a coaching programme
  • Guidance on how to handle client scepticism
  • A complete step by step guide to giving an interpretation that will have impact
  • An explanation of why it is far better to use other instruments alongside the MBTI and which ones add real value; how to match them with MBTI results
  • Where ‘type dynamics’ and ‘type development’ fit and why we need to be wary about assumptions here

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