How does Job Interview Coaching work?

You send Jenny all the info you have about the job plus your application or your CV in advance. You collect any feedback you have about what has worked or not worked in previous job interviews. (This information may be in scarce supply as the panels that turn you down lose interest in you and also generally do not know how to give feedback). You will be asked to come to the session wearing your interview outfit.

At the session you learn a simple and reliable method of presenting your track record in the most powerful and convincing way. Rehearsal will give you immediate feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your answers.

You will also get immediate feedback on first impression and image with helpful advice on how to improve any weak points and build on strengths.

How long does it take?

Minimally one two hour session.

Many clients book two sessions if they also have to face an assessment centre or give a presentation.

Free advice is available by phone and email about how to negotiate the best terms once a job offer has been made.

Feedback from clients:

This session was a revelation – I knew something was wrong but not what. It revolutionised my approach – thank you. I got the job and I know I never would have done it without that coaching. I see now that I had got totally the wrong idea about what a job interview was for – I saw it as an exam. Realising that it wasn’t made a huge difference.

I got the job! Thanks for all your help, which made all the difference and was absolutely critical to the outcome – not just the interview gaming but the way you beat me over the head* to get serious from the outset. I am so grateful.

Playing the relaxation track on the CD just before I went in was hugely helpful. I entered that room just knowing I’d be superb – and I was!

*Jenny denies doing this