Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is one of the most powerful ways for senior executives to raise their game. Most have gone way beyond the point where a course of any kind is suitable – either they have already done all the courses or they know that the course approach is insufficiently tailored to what they need and would take up too much valuable time. Coaching, by contrast, is flexed to your agenda entirely.

We see executive coaching as being a partnership between coach, organisation and client. The more the organisation can be involved, within the boundaries of confidentiality, the more effective the coaching is likely to be. Coaching is a business proposition and an investment that the organisation makes in its most senior people.

The package

Typically we work with a contract over several months of unlimited access. Time periods can be anything from 6-18 months, depending on what you need. This could include

  • As many coaching sessions as you want, normally in two hour blocks, but these can be flexed to suit you.  For instance, it can often be useful with clients who do a lot of international travel to do some of the coaching in hour-long sessions by phone
  • Psychometric questionnaires and back-up books/explanatory material
  • A 360 degree feedback process involving in-depth interviews with colleagues
  • ‘Shadowing’ at work if you feel this would be useful – e.g. seeing you in action at a meeting or giving a presentation
  • Email, text and phone contact, as and when you want it