How does Executive Coaching work?

Coach and client meet or set up a phone call to discuss ‘chemistry’ and ‘fit’. We make no assumption that the answer is going to be positive: both client and coach may have widely differing expectations. If so, this is the place and time to explore them.

Stage 1  First meeting

Emphasis: where are you now?  We explore:

  • Your current work situation
  • What is going on in the rest of your life
  • A brief look at early influences on your life
  • What your overall agenda for change is
  • Your overall goals for the coaching

Stage 2  What does your organisation need?

We set up a conference call between you and your line manager to ensure that we all understand what the organisation needs to see happen as a result of the coaching. Your line manager will understand from this conversation that the content of the actual coaching is confidential, but we will discuss how he or she could support you during the coaching programme.

Stage 3  Psychological assessment

If you and your coach agree that this would be helpful, you will take some psychometric questionnaires.  This can be a useful input into one vital part of most coaching agendas which is to increase your self awareness and to understand your impact on others.

Stage 4  Dealing with your goals and agenda

This will then form the rest of your coaching programme and can range from 4-6 two hour sessions to unlimited access contracts over a period of a year.

Stage 5

The coaching may conclude with another three-way conference call between you, your coach and your boss to discuss and review the coaching.