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A Photo of Jenny RogersJenny Rogers is one of the UK’s most experienced executive coaches with 26 years of successful experience. Her clients include Chief Executives and Directors of some of the UK’s best known organisations. Her book Coaching Skills: The definitive guide to being a coach is now in its fourth edition and is acknowledged internationally as the ‘Bible’ on how to coach successfully. As well as running her own practice, Jenny has trained many hundreds of coaches. She is a popular speaker, giving master-classes on coaching and allied subjects. She has a parallel career as a writer and editor, including a blog on one of her passions: film, where she is co-blogger with her friend Joe Treasure.

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Jenny is in coaching to make a difference. Her entire career, even before she became a coach, has been about increasing people’s confidence and effectiveness. She says, ‘Looking back, I can see that even as a teenager, I was offering my friends a rudimentary form of coaching if they were worried about their spots or their Maths homework!’

It is not surprising that many clients have career dilemmas. Coaching can help hugely, whether it is preparing for a job interview, disentangling what you really want career-wise from what seems immediately possible or preparing a CV which will have a powerful impact. Jenny’s books on job interviews and creating CVs are designed to help readers make the best possible impression.

Interest has grown sharply in how organizations can create ‘engagement’: staff who will defend their employer fiercely and work hard without being ‘told’. Using coaching as a prime managerial tool is the quickest and best way to do this. Jenny’s book, Manager as Coach (co-written with Andrew Gilbert and Karen Whittleworth) sets out a realistic and practical way for any manager to learn how to coach: a new way of holding people to account while also developing their potential.

Jenny is one of the world’s leading experts on the psychometric instruments the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the FIRO-B. Her books on both these gold standard questionnaires have sold in hundreds of thousands. .
Jenny is an experienced coach-supervisor and also writes regular columns for a number of magazines. She is an accredited mediator with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution and a trained style and image coach.

Jenny’s Latest Book

Coaching with Personality Type: What Works

Coaching with Personality Type: What Works

This book is for any coach using or interested in using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® or any of the rival Jungian personality types questionnaires. This book will build your confidence. It gives you honest, unbiased, realistic advice on using these questionnaires confidently. Topics covered include: handling client challenges, working with leaders, career issues, stress, which other questionnaires to use to add value, using it with groups and teams.

Coaching for Health: Why it works and how to do it

This book has a radical new message for any clinician: through coaching you reduce your own stress and you get far better outcomes for patients. ‘Coaching for health’ means creating a different relationship in consultations, asking a different kind of question and giving information in a different way.

Coaching for Health: Why it works and how to do it