Career coaching

Job interview coaching is just one part of the career coaching process.  Sometimes it is the only part on which clients want help.  At other times clients report any or all of the following

  • Being in a job they dislike: e.g., bored, stressed
  • Afraid of the unknown – what will happen if a new job is just as bad as the current one?
  • Uncertain about how to write a CV because it is many years since they did one and they are aware that fashions change
  • Puzzled by Assessment Centres – what are they and how do you manage them?
  • Uncertain about how to approach or work with Head-Hunters
  • Coming up to a Big Birthday and it feeling like a crisis: where am I going with my life, let alone with my career?
  • Needing more money than the current job pays but uncertain of market value
  • Feeling overpaid but bored; being reluctant to give up the perks of a dull job
  • Being made redundant; feeling that your self esteem has been seriously damaged by this whole process and worrying about whether you will find another job, especially if you are over 50
  • Coming up to retirement and feeling uncertain about how you want to spend the rest of your life.

We can help with all of these issues.  Typically you will need minimally three and more probably five two hour sessions.  One of these could be devoted to a full battery of psychological assessment tools – a useful shortcut to understanding yourself and career needs as well as gaining more insight into how you strike others.