Colour and style: What is the process?

The first stage is to identify what colours are right for you. This happens by draping you in a series of sample colours, cunningly chosen to make it obvious which set of colours is right for you and which will be fighting with your skin, eyes and hair.

Next: identifying your body shape. No one has a perfect body shape. This is true even for fashion models and film-star celebs. For instance, fashion models often look over-thin, pathetically flat-chested and gawky away from the cameras. The essence here is to dress to emphasise your good points and to re-balance your weaknesses. We discuss accessories and shopping at this point. For instance, if you are a tall, middle-aged, statuesque woman, a dainty gold chain with a tiny heart on it is going to appear ridiculous whereas the right kind of striking necklace will enhance your look.

For women we can also discuss make up. Many women do not know how to apply it or fear looking ‘clownish’ by slathering on too much.

You leave with a wallet of colours which will be right for you – and detailed suggestions for clothing and accessories.


You should set aside two hours for the session

Note that a 15% donation to the excellent charity Changing Faces ( will be made from each client session. Changing Faces works on a very small budget to give information and support to people with severe facial disfigurements as well as with advice for the clinical professionals who work with them.