Job Interview Coaching

Coaching can make an enormous difference to your chances of getting the job once you have been shortlisted. Jenny reckons that the clients she coaches get the job about 75% of the time – far greater than chance. Even if you do not get the job you need to feel that you have given a good account of yourself. Jenny’s best selling book Job Interview Success is widely praised for its easy-read, good-humoured and no-nonsense approach. A companion CD is also available bringing some typical interview situations to life with advice on how to deal with common problems.

Here are some of the mistakes that she has seen people make time and time again

  • Not knowing how to provide the interview panel with convincing evidence of experience
  • Letting nervousness get out of control and thus creating the wrong impression – e.g. of being garrulous or tongue-tied (either can be the result of anxiety)
  • Having a floppy handshake
  • Having no idea what impression you are making through appearance and manner
  • Implying, when competing for an internal promotion, that the panel should already know what you can do, so why bother to spell it out?
  • Not anticipating the obvious questions
  • Failing to do proper research on the organisation or the job
  • Believing that if a presentation is involved you should use copious PowerPoint slides to convey everything you know about the subject

Coaching can provide swift and effective solutions to all these problems- and more.