Stepping up to the top job

So you got the job and you’re now Director, or VP, or Chief Officer for – whatever. Congratulations!

I’m delighted when coaching clients get that promotion. But it’s no surprise when about six months later they reappear in my coaching room.

‘This is harder than I thought.’

‘There’s something I’m not getting right but what … Read the rest >>

That tricky question of ‘polish’ in career coaching

The BBC programme How to break into the elite asks good questions about why it is that so many of the most senior jobs still go to people from fee-paying schools. In one of the most telling interviews, Dr Louise Ashley, an expert in how social exclusion happens, explains that many employers prefer candidates … Read the rest >>

Job seekers be aware: nothing so quaint as the recent past

In my local Oxfam shop I picked up a copy of David Lodge’s entertaining novel Therapy. It was published in 1995 so probably written in 1994, not so long ago, surely? But actually it feels as bizarrely other-worldly and strangely unfamiliar as any novel from much earlier eras. In the novel people write letters, they … Read the rest >>