Job Interview Success: be your own coach

Job Interview Success: be your own coach“If every candidate absorbed Jenny Rogers’ wonderfully down-to-earth wisdom, the success rate of every selection process would improve dramatically”
Jeremy Bullmore, The Guardian Work Section

‘If you’ve ever wondered what interviewers really want to know, Job Interview Success gives you all the answers’.
Clare Whitmell, CVs and Interviews expert for Guardian Careers

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Great Answers to Tough CV Problems

Great Answers to Tough CV Problems“Jenny Rogers covers every angle with practical down-to-earth advice and terrific examples. And what I like best is that it’s brilliant advice with empathy! I won’t be lending out my copy.”
Liz Barclay, Broadcaster, writer and MD of
“I am convinced that job applicants who follow the advice in this book will significantly increase their chances of getting to the interview”.
Professor John Raftery, Pro Vice Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University

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Coaching Skills

Coaching Skills A Handbook (4th EditionA Handbook

Fourth Edition

“A straight-forward approach to the simple art of coaching conversations, while offering insight into the complexity and sophistication of coaching for those looking to take their practice to the next level.”
Dr Jonathan Passmore

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Manager as Coach: the new way to get results

Manager-as-Coach“This pragmatic book will stimulate managers to drive higher performance and get the best out of people”
Carolyn McCall, CEO EasyJet

It’s a tough job being a manager. How do you manage performance – the most important single part of a boss’s job? If you come across as too directive and demanding you may get a reputation for harshness and may even find that formal grievances are being laid against you. If you are too nice you risk being known as a gullible and easily outmanoeuvred. Neither approach works.

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Sixteen Personality Types: At Work In Organisations

16types_WorkinOrgThis best-selling book is suitable for individuals seeking to understand their Myers Briggs or Jungian Type results and can also be used with groups. After a brief, accessibly written introduction there is an attractively-designed page devoted to each of the sixteen types, packed with useful information about how each type is likely to behave as a leader, as a team member, coping with change, as a parent, general strengths and blind-spots, behaviour under stress etc. The book also contains further information on understanding ‘type dynamics’ and gives up to date statistics on a large data base of UK managers. The book has been praised for the accuracy of its insights into the sixteen types and for its lack of the type jargon which can so often get in the way for readers unfamiliar with the technical terms.

The book has proved its value over several years for team off-site meetings, team coaching events and for coaches working with individual clients.

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Influencing Others Using The Sixteen Personality Types

Influencing Others Using The Sixteen Personality TypesUnderstanding your own Myers Briggs/Jungian type preferences is important but then how can you use your knowledge of what other types need in order to influence them? We can all make unaware choices here, believing that how we like to be influenced is what will work for other people. This book gives simply- written but vital information on how to use psychological type to understand colleagues, clients and customers so that you get a mutually rewarding end result.

As with its companion book, Sixteen Personality Types, the book has proved its value over several years for team off-site meetings, team coaching events and for coaches working with individual clients.

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Developing A Coaching Business

Developing A Coaching BusinessThe coaching market is thriving but many coaches need help on how to develop and grow their businesses as being a good coach is never enough and now there is a lot of competition out there. What do you need to do to make sure that your business is the one that stands out? Many coaches make the mistake of starting too broadly when the secret is to find a niche, but how do you do this? How do you find your natural clients? How do they find you? What should you charge? Should you have an office or can you work from home? Which methods of promotion work and which are a waste of time?

This book explains step by step how to build a successful coaching business using an innovative method of selling with integrity.


Facilitating Groups

Facilitating Groups“Read this and I guarantee you will become better at facilitation and understanding human interaction’
Rachel King, Learning and Development manager, Guardian News and Media

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