Job Interview Success: be your own coach

Job Interview Success: be your own coach“If every candidate absorbed Jenny Rogers’ wonderfully down-to-earth wisdom, the success rate of every selection process would improve dramatically”
Jeremy Bullmore, The Guardian Work Section

‘If you’ve ever wondered what interviewers really want to know, Job Interview Success gives you all the answers’.
Clare Whitmell, CVs and Interviews expert for Guardian Careers

Jenny Rogers has coached hundreds of people through the high pressure processes of getting a job. This book distils the secrets of her candidates’ success by passing on the information that will really make a difference. If you have been shortlisted many times but failed to get the job, you should read this book. It covers topics such as

  • Deciding whether or not the job is for you
  • Working with recruiters
  • How to do the pre-interview research that will pay off
  • Fail-safe ways of reducing nervousness to manageable levels
  • Dressing the part
  • How to behave at assessment centres
  • How to answer any interview question confidently, including ‘difficult’ and challenging questions
  • What to do after the interview, including how to negotiate the salary