Facilitating Groups

Facilitating Groups“Read this and I guarantee you will become better at facilitation and understanding human interaction’
Rachel King, Learning and Development manager, Guardian News and Media

Every manager, every coach, every HR professional, every trainer, every team leader – anyone who needs to get the best out of a group needs to know how to facilitate. Facilitation bypasses coercion, teaching or chairing. It’s about how to read a group, how to challenge appropriately and how to name the apparently unnameable; it’s about having the skills which make it safe for the silent to speak and the over-talkers to calm down. It’s about knowing that the role is to remain objective and why that matters so much. It’s about being able to design events which perfectly match what the group needs and then to run such events with aplomb. This book, written by a facilitator with 30 years of experience, cuts to the heart of the practical skills that any facilitator needs

  • How to get clear what facilitation is and isn’t
  • How to get the measure of what is going on in a group under the surface
  • Preparing and designing events with impact
  • 6 vital skills that every facilitator needs
  • How to deal with facilitator nightmares – eg the person who runs out of the room crying, the angry participant, the one who talks obsessively, the silent – and many more